A professional career based on trust, flexibility and creativity.


Once I was told he was born in a wrong time. He likes the 60’s. Convulsive decade with important social changes. The Beatles were getting popular and consolidating their career.

Saul Bass and Milton Glaser were designing in EEUU and became a reference of it. In Spain, the “Mad Men” were Cruz Novillo, Emilio Gil, Enric Huguet, Narbona… Professional talented people.

David Guti, with a path that comes from afar and from the family. He was deeply inspired by them and left him a great impact. With his technic he gives a rich contribution to the profession.

People who knows him, knows that his versatility allows him to move in different areas such as corporative image, packaging, marketing…

Another of his passion is science fiction movies and superheroes movies. Working with him widens your perspective. It’s not the star but a pragmatic reality.

Really, you have to meet David Guti, once you know him, who can’t live without him. Let me know if I am wrong!

Cristina Labad
Strategy, Comunication and Graphic Advertisement


"Guti is one of the few. Yo can always count on him, he always has a card under his sleeve to save your day. Serious, efficient but above all he is nice to work with."

Alex Reizábal.
White&Company (Ad).

"With David You can never have a “that is not possible” as an answer. He is dedicated 24/7 in our case. The quality of his work as designer had always been excellent (Programms, entrance tickets, leaflets, card, etc.) He offers professionalism, efficiency, closeness and kindness."

Miguel Lerín.
Managing Director of the International Singing Contest “Francisco Viñas”.

"David is an efficient professional, dedicated to his work. He works well with his clients and is always available to find the best proposal for each project. Working with him gives you the assurance that you are in the hand of a professional with a vast experience and that is priceless."

Judith Badia.
Teacher of Strategic Marketing and Operation in Pompeu Fabra University.

"Working with David means Result Gauranteed not only for his graphic talent and experience but also because he is very dedicated professional."

Pablo González-Bootello.
 Managing Director of Solución Óptima.